Deteriorated windshield molding


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Oct 4, 2010
My '86 T's front windshield seal is leaking. The rubber has become brittle and crumbly.

Is there a specific molding for our cars, or can an auto glass shop replace it with a generic strip? Are all windshields sealed the same way?

If need a "Buick Regal" specific part, do any of the vendors here sell them?
If I remember correctly when my windshield was leaking on my Monte ss they removed the metal trim from around the windshield, scraped out the black sealant and just squeezed in some more sealant. Worked great afterwards, so yes any good glass shop should be able to fix it as long as it's not rusted out. Think I payed around 100 dollars but that was about 8 years ago
If it's original then it's old butyl sealant. Modern urethane is better. Have them take the windshield out and reseal it.

Cost me $40 to do the rear