Do any vendors sell a ported elbow with larger puck?


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Jun 1, 2001
I don't think Turbo Mike does them anyomore, but do any of the venodrs? Thanks Steve
Ramchargers might

The last catalog I got from them showed ported elbows (don't know about the puck) available with turbo purchase. Call or email Mike L. HTH.
if anyone is interested i have a turbomike ported elbow ill sell for $40, i switched to the mease performance pipe so i nolonger need it. let me know.
I did these for a long time and then stopped. I had some guys ask me to do them again and they would do a 'group purchase' so i did. btw, i didn't ask for any money front or anything, just a agreement that they would honor what they said.

here was the post: (btw, most the guys on the post did come through, but alot that emailed a commitment did not)

Hardly anyone did what they said and i was stuck with the ported housings and pucks. So i sold the rest of the pucks i had and closed up that project. And then JasonD posted this:

i think i sold the guy on ebay that puck.
I have a genuine TurboMike ported elbow, unused, with stock puck. I ended up springing for a THDP and never used it. I'll be at the Nats all week so if anyone is interested, email me before Monday with a reasonable offer (remember, they are collectables:D).