Don't watch if you are afraid of heights.

Okay and the point of wearing a hard hat? To protect your head as you fall?

Yea, I know, in case the guy above you drops something.

I would freeze and not be able to move. I almost could not watch. I had a neighbor who did that for a living, one day he was standing on the top with his hands out wide and a news crew happened by and took new footage of him without his knowing and put him on the evening news. His wife saw him without his harness and almost killed him on the ground.

When I was a young man I used to work for Bethlehem Wire Rope winding cable on reels. You actually have to know your cable to wind it correctly so it doesn't trun into a bunch of a######s as you unwind it. Anyway, a tower crane company offered me a job stringing wire up and through the gantry on those tower cranes they build skyscapers with. I couldn't do it after I felt them swaying.

The Empire State Building pictures made my testicles shrink.

Bruce '87 Grand National