Don't watch if you are afraid of heights.

I don't think the height would bother me as much as the fact that the top of the tower has got to be swaying!
They say that "free climbing" was authorized by OSHA. I can't believe it.
To much RF (radio frequency)for me! Worked one time at the base of one for a local radio station. need alot of insurance for tower company
Man, that background is Photoshopped, that tower's probably about 50 ft. tall...:biggrin:

I like how the rungs on the ladders get smaller, thinner, and further apart as you go up...its like some kind of fear challenge lol

That would be a hell of a time to realize you need to go to the parts store...
If I'm not mistaken, our very own Turbo Cliff climbs them damn things!... I dont even like climbing ladders! Theres no way in hell I could do that!
too much for me. I get up in a snorkel lift about '60 feet up and moving it around definitely causes a bunch of sway. Kind of unnerving, especially with an expanded metal floor.

I am not up for that kind of height. Just crazy IMO.
I almost broke the arms off the chair I was holding on so tight. Whatever he gets paid isnt enough.
morning coffee

It would be my luck I'd get all the way up there and have to take a serious dump.:biggrin:
Jeeze!!!!:eek: My legs were shaking watching it. My worse nightmare. I'd try it for a million dollars, only I guarantee that I would freeze up like a worn out bearing about 50 feet off the ground! Those guys....balls of steel. Most amazing thing I've ever seen.

How come King Kong would be comfortable hanging around up there and not me??

Bruce '87 Grand National
They say that "free climbing" was authorized by OSHA. I can't believe it.

Yeah thats so azz backwards! Where I work, we're mandated by OSHA to have fall protection or safety harnesses when we're working on top of the aircraft...which is about 15-20 feet off the ground, LOL.

But I guess I can see why it would be a hassle for the pole climbers to have safety harnesses. If anything it would probably be more dangerous having to lug all that safety equipment around.
It would be my luck I'd get all the way up there and have to take a serious dump.:biggrin:

Hook the safety cable on and let it rip:eek: toilet paper would be in my toolbag.Who am I I would need the toilet paper at the 50ft mark:biggrin:
Not enough money in the World! I would have a heart attack and not see a dime of it!:eek:
Maybe its the bit of adrenaline junkie in me, but I'd do it. Up, at least. Down, I'm not so sure of.
Not to mention dragging that 30 LB bag of stuff up with you. 30 LBs could easily get caught up in something, start shifting your center of balance, or all sorts of nasty things.

I remember a class trip to Toronto and going up in the CN tower. Everyone else was freaking out, but there were a few of us that thought it was cool. Went all the way to the top. It was a bit freaky, but not bad. Stood out over the top observation deck looking across the lake at Buffalo when it was at night.

I don't see it being too bad, if you dont have other buildings and landmarks around you to remind you that you are that high up.
I think there is a reason the men who worked on the Empire State building mostly wore those loose fitting bibs...........







I love those Empire State building pics...they make me all tingly every time I see them :D