down pipe times


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I raced a 2000-01 Dodge dakota R/T 5.9 Liter i had some wheel spin in 1st but pulled him in high 2nd and he gave up, my guess is that i am in the mid to high 14s need a bad tune. were do you think my new atr down pipe will put me when its on. how much time did you drop with your down pipe. 15psi now

85 GN
ram air kit 14' filter
307 pump hot wired
adj reg
tps tec
Joe L 93 110 chips[ running 93 now]
87 ecm
87 rad
posi rear
new stock headers
sperco intercooler
ta 33 turbo
atr up pipe [not on]
atr down pipe[ not on ]