Drainback question for Chris K


May 24, 2001

I am following your manual on pump modifications and your instructions say to drill the pump cover drainback hole to 1/4". You don't say anything about drilling the pump body passage. I assume you meant to drill this passage too???

Everything I've ever seen indicate that the seal drainback has to be enlarged in the pump body as well as the pump cover. This is from several sources; Transgo, Tony Rossi, and some others.

Just be very carefull! If you manage to drill through the front side of the pump you'll have to buy another one.
the 3 holes are shown in the manual just go back and read it again .the pump cover hole is shown in figure 3b12 and the pump body holes in figures 3b29 and 3b30.
Ok, so I can't read! But figured out that both the cover and the body had to be drilled. My pump body barely had the two intersecting passages connected. The new larger holes ought to flow just fine.

Thanks Chris!

BTW, I like your manual. I have all the GM factory stuff, but I like your no nonsense approach to things. Could you make the print a little bigger? My eyes ain't what they used to be!