Dual boot for Direct Scan???


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I am wanting to get direct scan, but I am on a bit of a budget right now. I have a newer laptop, with windows xp pro. I know that you have to have to be in dos to run ds. Has anyone had any experience using a dual boot setup, or maybe some kind of emulator to let you run dos while in windows?

Well, it appears to work. I still need to get direct scan. At least this looks promising that it will work.
What does that patch do? I have been looking at laptops for a while and would rather get a new one running XP that I can use for several purposes rather than a old one running Win 98 or less that won't be very usefull for anything else.
Looks like its a boot disk that will allow you to run DS right from the floppy..Another alternative is to dual boot your lappy..I used Partition Magic and Boot Magic to make a small partition on my win2k laptop and boot to 98SE when I want to run/view DS :)
Dual booting would be a nice idea. Only problem I see with that is I don't have a win98 os disc. I've been looking at this: http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/information.php?page=0 Anyone play with that yet? I seem to be be mostly for gamers running old DOS games. I don't know if it can deal with an input from a parallel port.
Neat looking emu! Only thing you'd need to know is if it will be able to capture or at least see one of the standard parallel port addresses..that seems to be the issue with winXP/2K and DS..
Went to the forum and the writer of the emu said a resounding NO to paralle ports so that's that.
:frown: too bad...it was neat....shame someone cant figure out how to write some code to capture a parallel port addy w/in a DOS/command prompt window