Dual Caliper rear brake upgrade


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Feb 14, 2002
I know they sell the kit like this already but the pro street brake kit wasn't available until after I bought the single caliper kit so I decided to make my own brackets. From 3D cad to 2D dxf file and laser cut.

Buick (888).JPG
Buick (894).JPG
Buick (897).JPG
Buick (901).JPG
Buick (903).JPG
Buick (904).JPG
Buick (906).JPG

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We tried the dual rear calipers on our super stocker years ago and had a hard time getting the front to rear bias right. We had a hard stop at the top end one time and almost wrote the car off( and the driver shit himself). We took them off and never looked back. The fastest factory stock cars today are only using 1 caliper per axle. Just sharing some experience.