Aug 16, 2018
First, can’t say enough thanks for all the members here! Y’all share so much knowledge, every day I’m wrenching and reading the “how to” to get my car running. My 87’ T has this intake sticker I’d figured you all would enjoy- the original owner lived in New Jersey back in the day and made it to Texas- god bless!
I've found a few surprises like the Kenne Bell "ultimate" chip but it seems original. Radiator was shot from sitting ten years but the interior was in great shape. Did have some old school "hooker turbo" mufflers but an old school steel cut out and no cat. And the drivers header that was cracked looked like a previous patch job had been done. From reading here seems like Dynotech was a well respected speed shop so I wonder if anything else besides the sticker was bolted on.
Grumpy Isn't that one of Eric Schertz old stickers from his shop from NJ back in the day?
What's the car look like? White, bench seat limited or something? I remember the stories of it being held ransom after Eric passed
Ohhh, I took from this that he had Eric's car. His car was a white one I believe it's been a while. This looks like a white car from the firewall. Sorry if I misunderstood
Sorry, I don't think this belonged to anyone at Dynotech, just searched the forum from the sticker and thought it cool that a New Jersey car made it's way to Texas and still had probably a twenty year old sticker on the intake. The turbo "t" clone I have is an 82' with a 87 GN motor and Trans. It runs/drives well so I assume someone who was a damn good mechanic did the swap.
Looks like it was once blue, but painted all white/ landau roof and blue bench seat/column shift. Had NY plates on it.