E85 back to 93???

So I recently swapped my car over to e85 from 93. Motors previously gone 9.7 with the previous owner/different turbo. Current setup is a 450 pump, 80s with chip, Teflon lines and a 6766. My questions is I guess, what can I do to get back to the 9 second range with e85 or am I better off just going back to 93 and if so how harmful would it be to my fuel system by switching back??
It won't hurt the fuel system to switch back and forth. In fact, if you're parking the car for more than a few weeks, you'd want to swap out the E85 for gasoline anyway, so it doesn't soak up a bunch of moisture in storage and rot the tank out.

You have enough pump, but probably not enough injector to run e85 at the power levels you're talking about. Unless you're talking 9.7 in the 1/8, in which case you're fine. :-p


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Lol even though the closest track is only 1/8 I'm talking 10 to 9s for the quarter. Would the 80s be sufficient for this with 93??
on gas the 80s are more than enough for 9s volume wise,however there is not enough octane there (93 octane)to support the boost and timing for a 9 sec pass.you will need race gas.80s on e85 has the octane but should be short on volume for 9s.
I'm still working out a few Gremlins with this motor. For some reason I'm pulling an idle BLM of 142 and my iac after wot drops all the way to zero for a minute or so and then picks back up.