EGR - Yes or No?


Jun 12, 2012
Again, doing a search results on alot of information - some useful and some not so much.

The simple question is - Do I need to retain my EGR system for engine driveability or such - or no?

Assume for discussion purposes I'm running a current chip from Eric or such - where I beleive the EGR functionality is disabled.
Also assume I don't give a rat's you-know-what about emisssions teasting - since my 87 is now exempt in Georgia, and don't care about some unknown future buyer in some unknown other state.

So - simply- does the EGR do anything "good" for me - or can all that mess get thrown in a box, and a blocking plate be ordered and installed?
If the chip is set-up to not run the EGR system (most of them are), and if the chip is set-up to not throw a check engine light when the EGR solenoid is disconnected (most of them are), then you can remove the EGR valve and solenoid, cap off the vacuum line going to the solenoid, and install a block-off plate.

To check that your chip is set-up to not throw a code when the EGR is unplugged - simply unplug the electrical connector from the EGR solenoid and drive the car. If the check engine light doesn't turn on by the time the car has warmed up, then you know the chip is OK with the EGR being disconnected.

If you ever need to run an emissions test that involves driving the car (on rolls, for example), then you will need a functioning EGR system. Might want to hang on to that EGR system just in case.
Thanks guys!

I shall label that box "Mess- SAVE for emissions" - "Break tape in case of Emergency"

I've seen different reviews and results of different vendors' block off plates.
Maybe more due to the gasketing.

Anyone care to recommend the right / best block off plate?
I have been remiss to not have pulled the ECM, chip cover, and taken an inventory of what / which ship is installed.
That is usually supposed to be one the first inventory things to be done to a new acquisition.

It's a really nice WE4 car I picked up from Delaware, a couple of months ago, with ton's of bweavy's stuff on it, so I naturally assume it has "some" chip.

I've just been "busy" putting on and polishing all the chrome stuff that we all know makes it go so much faster! ;-)
Take a peak at the back side of the chip and tell us what label it has. Back in the day, cars for sale had "race" chips in them with a pump/race fuel mixture to "help on the test drive". Once the new owner romped on it enough with plain ole 93 in the tank....POP! Guess which one of these was installed in this pump gas car... hint...look left! These were all of the chips in his center console. Here are his heads...
Well, well well...

That is a little more than just a "head gasket" I take it.

Is that a case of "I'm all that and a glove box full of chips"?

See that would scare me - too much chip swapping in search of the holy boost / advance grail.

The temperature dropped about 30 degrees here in Atlanta, so I'm being slow & lazy this morning.
I hate our two months of cold.

I'm headed out to pop the ECM in a minute.

I'll post.
Well - here is my chip pic.

In all its glory.
And here I was expecting this long sequence of numbers and a date...silly me.

Alrighty then


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And - for the record..

If and when I eliminate the EGR system...there is NO effect on cold or hot "driveability"?
hello; Did the car blow a headgasket? If it was me and I didn't know what I had.. I'd buy a new chip for pump gas and it will probably not have the EGR circuit.

Who said anything about blown head gaskets?
Talk like that gives me the creeps.
And jinxes me.

The car is just fine.

All my thread said was I was interested in removing my EGR mess.
I then took an inventory of my chip, to see what was installed in the ECM, and determine if it was of a vintage where they diable EGR functioality.

Sure - I could "buy" a chip for pump gas from Eric and probably will - sometime in the future.
TR budgets being endless n all.
Not like I don't have three plus the 82 GN.

But I'd at least to give it a shot and see what is installed, assuming one of these previous owners knew what they were doing.
The car is super clean, well upgraded, and runs great.
I jjust want it a little "greater"
hello; Are those head pics from the car you got? If they are I'd like to know if that's a normal look?
LOL - no dood.
Those are not my heads.

And no dood - that is not normal.
The blown out part of the head gives it away.

It was used as an example by another member of what happens when someone who is trying to sell a car on hyped up boost and installs too much chip for pump gas or wrong ambient conditions

Like a flare - it can burn bright but not for long.

Please - No talk of blown head gaskets - it's the holidays.
Lol BoyWonder meet jlat/Ibby. You'll see...he's alway In "learning mode".

LOL...well me too.
Learning that is.

I hope I wasn't too harsh.
I was looking over my shoulder to see if Charlie was going to stomp me..
But seriously!
No jinxing me..and do not use that 'H" word or that "G" word this time of year!
I mean c''s supposed to be the season of joy... not pulling those pesky - you know what.! ;-)

The car is A-OK!
Just making it A-ok'er

And I was going to write.."wel there goes another terrorist...hijacking my thread" ;-)
Or here...I'll make it easy

Thought for sure that chip would read.."prepared exclusively for this WE4..blah blah blah"


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What are they - the drug dealers of the chip world?
Like putting some cartoon on their ...ahem...product...