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May 25, 2001
Anyone have any experience with the new electromotive tec3 system. I have downloaded the software and it looks good. Lots of options 4 bar map sensors , 100 fps data loging, you can calibrate your own o2 sensor with the software, wB option, extra inputs, outputs. WOuld this work on a buick DIS system?
Yes, it will work Norbs. I ran the TEC-II for ~10 years on my GN. Alan Witter used one for years, and Jim D'Allesandro used one to control his 7-second ride. The neat thing about the new TEC-III (the first models didn't have this) is the ability to control any wide band O2 sensor. Problem is, you have to provide your own sensor and calibration brick. Shirley you sould steal one from an import in the junk yard.

Electromotive's computers have often been a few steps above the competition...however, they dropped the ball with the wide band stuff and waited much too long to get into that game.:(
This is what i found out on there site:

Standard features built in to the TEC³:
PC programmable and configurable for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, cyl. engines and Rotories with a 12 cyl.and 6 cyl dual plug option
Operate in Open or Closed loop
Run True Sequential, Phased Sequential or Simultaneous Injection with individual cylinder trim
Configurable for TBI, MPI, TPI and individual throttle bodies

Additional Injector Output Drivers built-in.. Run Low or High impedance injectors

Full 150 mJ of Spark Energy directly to the plugs without misfire

New Dual Rev Limiters with ‘Triple Smooth Technology’.. 1st step retards timing to a negative -12º degrees.. 2nd step cuts coil current in half.. 3rd step coil current and fuel are cut-off.. all three steps occurring within milliseconds!
Waste Gate (Boost Control), Nitrous Control with up to 4 stage retard available

Four Programmable GPO’s (General Purpose Outputs) to control or activate VTEC, Shift Lights, Water Pumps and Fans, A/C Compressor, Torque Converter and more.

New Programmable Adjustable Electronic Tachometer Output

Uses primarily GM type sensors

Diagnostic monitoring with codes issued through Check Engine Light

Easy to install bolt-on Trigger Wheel and Mag Sensor Kits available for many applications

Made in the USA

New On-Board Data Acquistion Adjustable Sample Rates up to 100 samples per second Simultaneously record data from up to 25 inputs including: Air/fuel Ratios, Injector Duty Cycle and Pulse Width, RPM and Throttle Position, Gear Position, MPH, Boost (manifold pressure) and much more!
Additional configurable Digital and Analog Input Channels View Multiple Data Graphs side by side or Graphs may be overlayed for comparison Graphic Screen Displays may be Printed and
Data may also be exported to a Spreadsheet program for further analysis Data Logging can be started and stopped manually using a switch, or the system can be configured to automatically start and stop via values pre-set by the user

I wonder how much it costs for a buick set up?
i did more research and it seems in order to use the wb option you need a wb controller box, there is no control for the wb heater in the ecu?
Originally posted by norbs
i did more research and it seems in order to use the wb option you need a wb controller box, there is no control for the wb heater in the ecu?

Get one of my M-300 wide band kits. It has an output for the stand alone computers. $285 shipped untill Christmas. I am on back order right now, but I will honor orders until they come in. Supposedly they will get here at the end of the year.:)
Originally posted by norbs
i did more research and it seems in order to use the wb option you need a wb controller box, there is no control for the wb heater in the ecu?


I just tuned a friends cobra a few weeks ago with the TEC 3. First of all, there is no WB controller built into the TEC 3. We used an Innovate WB setup and then feed that signal into the TEC 3. Otherwise, the software has some pecularities when compared with the FAST system.

1) You can only change one data point at a time while the engine is running. (this sucks when trying to get a large ran dialed in for the first time)

2) you can record data while driving, but the plotting of the data SUCKS! The TEC 3 has a data viewer, but you might as well go into Excel to look at it. Then, of course, you can not overlay the data on your maps like the FAST can.

3) Tec 3 has the availabilty to auto tune the VE maps. THis can be done while driving or back at home using the logged data run you just took. (kind of nice feature)

4) The base VE map is setup based on maximum engine pulse width info .... I am not going to try and explain this, as it gets WAYYYYY too complicated. Basically, you have a VE map, but instead of just putting in 57% VE, you have to put in +7%. And you are allowed up to +/- 50% (I think) ...... Whatever, the thought process behind this is just plain F'n stupid, but the functionality works similarlly to the FAST VE map.

5) You can control many more inputs and outputs based on other map settings. These would be useful for turning on an alcohol injection system.

6) The unit has a built in knock sensor controller for use with a GM knock sensor. The FAST makes you have a stand along box then feed the signal into it .... PROVIDED you are a batch fire :mad: not Sequential setup.

7) There are some unique idle tuning strategies to get it to idle "smoothly" with a lopey cam. Bascially it tells the MAP sensor to go away, fixes an injector pulse width, then adjust the timing +/- a few degress to smooth out the idle. This would be a SWEET option for FAST to add to their existing software (HINT HINT!!!!!!)

I cant think of too many else off the top of my head. If you want, email any specific questions and I will try and answer them for you. I have a copy of the TEC3 on my tuning laptop at home.
Thanks for the info, but the trigger wheel sounds tough to set up for a buick, and now im researching the new system EFI technonlogy. This looks real promising if its affordable
I agree with you turbo_bu. My experences with tec3 are very similiar to yours. It ****ing sucks. Tuning it was a nightmare. Some things were just ass backwards. I can't understand how some people swear by these ecu's.

Anyhow, norbs check out Autronic or Motec for your buick.
They both will have no problems running your factory trigger system and both are top notch ecu's.
Enzo, i am now playing with the autronic software, and all i can say your right its pretty good, autotune feature, 16 x 32 load sites, traction control. even tells your quater mile et and mph, HP,counts down in feet to the end of the quarter mile. It is simply amazing.