Extremely Super clean laptop for sale.


Compaq NC8000 for sale. Laptop was purchased along with 11 others for work environment, this one was mine. Me being an Mac guy, I left it in the box and hardware is in new condition. Hindges are tight, stickers are even in crisp. The keyboard even has the new texture feel to it. Specs are as follows... Now I have 6 laptops for sale all together with same to similar specs. Only difference will be cosmetic and 2 have 30gig hard drives wher all the others have 40 gig hard drives. I will warranty the laptops for 30 days starting from the day they get delivered...As long as you guys dont beat me up on price. If there is an issue ship it back to me your dollar I will repair or replace and ship it back my dollar. These have 2 USB ports and sdcard reader, modem svideo and vga port, parallel printer, and serial port and power bricks also included.

Ones with same specs but with 30 gig hard drive and show signs of use 150.00 SHIPPED


Pentium M 1.4mhz
512 Ram ddr
Wifi internet access
15" super crisp and bright display.
8 pound laptop with BOTH batteries (no warranties on battery time)
DVD reader and software pre installed
Windows XP Pro and good amount of necessary updates...
Antivirus and Anti-Malware suite to keep your laptop bug free
Open Office for word processing
Picasa for photo management
VLC for movie or video viewing
Skype for chating or social internet scene.
Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 3
Microsoft Office 2007

All programs are legal with legit products keys that can be transfered over to the purchaser. I have been working on electronic and lcd televisions for 7 years and pick up off-lease inventory quite often. Go over every item 3 times before they are ready forsale and shipping.

200 for the new like one with 2 unused batteries and I will split the shipping becasue UPS and insurance can be like 22 bucks to the westcoast. Paypal only and call or email me for my paypal address.
email address is filter@rx4mike.com phone number and texting number is 757-655-1141.