Eye candy... my buildup is complete


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Sep 12, 2004
What do you guys think? ;)



and an almost finished pic without the accessories


Should be installing it this weekend. Still have a few odds and ends on the car I need to tidy up.

Built this myself from the ground up. Took me about 6 months. I changed jobs, started school, and got married in the meantime. That kind of slowed my progress down :)

I'm looking for mid to low tens.

Very sexy.

There's something cool about when it all goes together, nice, new, and fresh, that you just want to take your time, do the best job you can, and enjoy the process. Thanks for shareing the pics.


Mike B.
Very sweet. What turbo u runnen?

It's a TE-45A

Specs on the build are:
109 .030 over
Ported irons, new exhaust valves
Comp 212/212 flat tappet (fingers are crossed, break in additive will be used at all oil changes)
Ported intake manifold, power plate
72 lb injectors
speed pro rings+trw pistons
powerstroke I.c.
twin M15 alcohol injection
and it will be controlled by a gen II translator w/LS1 maf

lots of other little odds and ends but that's the gist. Spoolfool, I totally hear you on the nice new and fresh part. I've made sure to make everything look perfect. It should look even better in the car since I have some more new bits on the way. The only disappointing thing is that there's nothing I can really do about the headers that makes financial sense.
Very awesome! Spend a little cash and get the headers coated and you've got a show motor for sure!!!
Looks good man... you can paint the headers... use BBQ paint then take a torch and flame "cure" them mine have dulled some but not fully lost there color in 2 years... works great for the budget people like us lol
Stock headers will take you to your goal, just make sure you port the holes to match the 1400 felpro gaskets, I would also highly recommend that while you have them headers off you go ahead and shave off some of the material from the front and back of the header flange so that when you have to re-torque the heads it will be easy to get to those bolts and the headers don't have to come off, I hope you used the come tics gaskets cuz if you didn't, all it takes is for the head to lift 1 time and those felpro gaskets will come apart on the graphite side the steel ring will stay put put the material on the other side will just disintegrate ( I know this from experience) ;), just remember to re-torque them come tics after a couple of hundred miles or they will start to leak oil from the front and back of the heads.,BTW she looks Pretty.. :) I Think the next addition to your combo should be a bigger Throttle body and bigger dog house that should help things flow a little better.
Pablo, your attention to detail is very good. Can't wait to see it in person in a few months. I Got order to Miramar this time around:smile:

So, you finally got married:cool:

I'll tell ya what...

Here's one of my paint secrets. This exhaust housing and center section were painted with Eastwood factory grey high temp coating spray. This color is cast iron grey. it's made for cast exhaust manifolds. Says it's good up to 1200 deg F. If it's good enough for a exhaust housing, it should be good enough for headers. Oh yea! These photos were taken after three months, 12 dyno pulls at 500 RWHP, and 30 1/4 mile passes. You'd would want to sand blast parts first. I think that I paid a little over ten bucks for a can.


Happy spooling...
Mike Barnard
Thanks for the compliments guys. My computer took a dump so this is why I'm kind of late in replying :redface:
I took off the exhaust, painted it (thanks for the tip spoolfool), and wrapped it. Came out nice. Yes I'm fully aware of the *rumored* downsides of wrap but my previous personal experiences with wrap have been nothing but positive. This car is not a daily driver, nor am I really concerned about cracking the stock headers a few years down the road, if they crack at all. The wrap has much better insulating properties than coating and it's cheaper so that's what I'm after.

The valve covers were on the car when I bought it from Ray Bunch about 4 years ago ;) , the tops were machined pretty smooth, almost polished. Unfortunately with age they got kind of ratty so I sand blasted them and painted them aluminum which is pretty close to the appearance of them sandblasted. The paint keeps them from getting dirty so easily though. Nowadays I would rather have some welded polished aluminum covers without any advertisements since I'm not getting paid for the ad space :)

Forcefed, I'm doing everything wrong
:biggrin: I've been known to do this in the past. We'll see what happens with it. Sometimes I have to learn the hard way.

Glad to hear you are coming back! We'll have to terrorize the ricers at qualcomm like the old days
Ahhhh yeah, Qualcomm Stadium:cool: Are cars surprised a LOT of the V8ERS there in the past. The future is going to be worse....:eek:

Did you get it running yet? Or, is the better half keeping you busy around the house already:smile:
Got a good friend of mine who does powder coating. I had EVERYTHING from my car powder coated for $120.00!!! Not sure where you live, but would be willing to hook you up if you're close by!!! :biggrin:
Now that is sweet! Since you seem to be a nice guy and all I'll tell you what I'm gonna do...just for you. Send me that engine (prepaid of course) and I'll break it in and "use" it for a few months just to make sure it's gonna be good for you. I wouldn't offer this to just anybody......