Festival flea market show Dec 2nd


Dec 24, 2011
This is a great show and the weather is perfect for it. I saw about 6 GN's last year and that's weak being there are 600+ cars usually. This is off of Sample Rd and Turnpike and a good time for the whole family!
See ya there Jeff...I'm trying to get Steve from mad hatter to bring the nova out but he isn't biting....bend his ear too..lol..
Billet specialties with nitto drag radials. And thanks. It's the car I was hunting around for the gauge cluster surround for. I saw yours when you just got it and it's real nice as well...I'm downing the car after the show to redo the trunk like I did Steve's trunk. It's all fiberglassed up now and hate it....lol....then possibly some black paint again...baby steps. Definitely will see you there..
Nice ride there E-O! I grew up near there and used to play softball tournaments at the ball fields. Even went to middle school next to the mushroom plant :eek: Next time I head south to visit the family I'll look ya'll up. Your have any pics of the trunk project?
Thank you....here's a pic of what it looks like now and one that I did that I think I'm gonna do similar to...I would hide the amps and obviously give them a cooling system, and keep the acrylic see through but the rest will be classy and usable...


I didn't get any pics...there were some nice rides. Especially a late 70's monte Carlo with GN running gear that was very cleanly done. I did however put a hurting on an impala on the way home...sucks I took out an MLS gasket and piston along with it.
Must have been a cylinder issue with spark or injector at that cylinder. A/f was 10.3 and voltage was 13.8. Fuel pressure and everything else was good. I am running straight Sunoco 100 octane and have been inching the meth down to get the a/f leaner but I guess it didn't like it? I was gonna turn the meth off being that I have read that with 100 octane, meth isn't needed.....temperamental damn little engines..
Wow how much boost were you running? But, yea my neighbor went in his mustang.. He told me there were a bunch of GN's out there. I should have gone.
It's crazy because as soon as I heard and saw the knock sensor beep I instantly let out. I had an issue in the past with that side and wonder if the piston was hurt and didn't notice it....