Finally a 10 sec Pass!

You can also put a line lock on when you do the brakes so you don't heat them up during your burn out.

On the wheel cylinders order for a 85 s-10 manual and the cylinder is 7/8 compared to the originals buicks that are 3/4. If I remember correctly.
I had a good weekend with the car drove it to Brian Lorenz open house put it on the dyno it made 543hp and drove to Norwalk Sunday to get my fastest run so far 10.41@129. I have videos but it won’t let me post them.


Awesome Mike! Good to see you again over the weekend! Did you dyno it on Fri, or did I just miss it on Sat? Wow, HP is great, and dang, that torque is high! Congrats on your new best, you said you were working on tuning with that TT chip, looks like you're really getting it figured out!
Thanks Ryan it was good to see you again. We put it on the dyno on late Saturday, it was last minute decision kinda funny how it came about. My wife ask why didn't you dyno your car? This weekend was her first time at Brian's and she liked seeing the cars on the dyno. I told her I just planned on racing Sunday and it never really crossed my mind. So she talked me into it, I ask Brian if he would do another and he made it happen. Im glad I did it was a blast!