First time to the track!!!!


May 30, 2001
I had posted a week or so ago that i was going to be racing her for the first time April 20th at the American Iron Shootout. I had planned on replacing a few parts too. I have decided to go April 6th. The car has 152,000 miles on it. It burns no oil what so ever. Still has the Original turbo and all. Here is the combo.

Gutted cat
3" solid MAF pipe
9" K&N
2.5" exhaust
ATR pitbull chip (i think it has 26 degrees timing 1st & 2nd, 24 3rd/4th)
18 or 19PSI
100 Octane
Weld draglites
Hoosier Quick times 275-60 16-18PSI air
Adjustable FPR (around 55PSI fuel line off)
Red's XP Pump (hotwired)
Driver and passenger side breathers

I am going to do all of the spring cleaning stuff too (oil, trans, intercooler)

I'll probly launch it around 5-7PSI of boost.

What do you all think it will run?? the car has all the options. I am only a 150 pound driver.
Does my tire pressure, boost, and fuel pressure sound close?

Any info is appreciated.
Forgot to mention. The track should be EXTREMELY sticky. There is a big pro mod race at cecil county that nite. It is also the saturday nite street car shoot out. I really wanted a 100 octane race chip but i doubt i could get one by saturday. Would the race chip push this 152,000 mile motor to its limits?? The only other street chip i have is Connely's Mini mag.

The FP seems way too high. I usually run it with 42 line off with my combo as a starting point... adjust while you tune :cool:
What is the altitude of the track? At 18-19 psi, closed exhaust, good tune, probably mid 13's, depending on altitude--and traction. I had Hoosier Quick Times (BIG ones) on my car for awhile and couldn't get any traction out of them--2.2 to 2.3 60 foot times. The MT ET Streets get me into the 1.8-1.9 range which was good enough for high 12's. 100 octane is a good street fuel but you need to run about 23-24 psi boost to get into the 12's with the stock turbo and intercooler and my experience is you'll need at least 116. Plus open your exhaust, and, if you haven't replaced the valve springs you'll never get below 13.1! Personal experience.
If stock injectors, the fuel psi should be about right to a little high,, but prolly fine. Also, that chip has a lot of timing, so 100 octane maybe pushing it.

If all works right, 12.7-13.0.

Also, the Car is a He, not a Her,, it's blown, it doesn't suck.:D
152k & still running the original valve springs? OUCH!!! I'd be willing to bet you'd have a solid 2 tenths ET improvement from just replacing those worn out springs! Comp Cams CC980 will work well, has a tad more pressure than stock & will help the car pull hard in the upper rpms.

55lbs of fuel pressure is a tad high, but if that's what your gotta run to be knock free so be it. With that much pressure the car will tend to run pretty dang rich down low though. That chip has a lot of timing for 100 octane fuel so just keep an eye on the knock and don't go for more than that 18~19lbs of boost & everything should be ok. I'd look into the Thrasher chips, my car ran solid 12.60's@110mph with a similar combo (previous owner installed hooker headers which actually slowed the car down, ported stock turbo & had a PMAC built tranny with 2800 rpm stall converter) on the T100 & a xylene homebrew mix in the tank.

Doug C.
The injectors are stock. I don't have direct scan or turbolink but i do have a snap on scanner and an OTC. I have run that chip on the car with 94 octane, 16PSI with no knock. The Quick times pulled 1.7 60fts on my uncles jaguar so i think they will hook up alright. I know i need to replace the valve springs. I have a spare set of heads being done now. I am not sure of the altitude at Cecil County. I will be working on getting the fuel pressure right this week. I will let you all know the results. I am hoping for 13.3 - 13.4.

Thanks for all the replies,
Cecil County Dragway is at sea level, I live about 5 miles away from it. Track usually hooks up pretty good for me. A few weeks ago I had a 1.68 short time with ET Streets and stock converter. If I get my heads back and put on by then I will see you there. A friend of mine ran 12.8 with stock turbo, injecters and intercooler on BFG Radial T/A's about a year ago with a 1.85 60'.
I just made my first pass on the drag strip thursday night with racegas and 28 lbs. of boost---there is no substitute for octane and boost.I just bought and installed a alky kit that i have not used yet--and after running racegas--i don't know if i ever will:( .put in some gas and turn up the boost:D ---really fun

Geoff Hall