Fix for stripped out threads that hold scoop to V4 IC

Nish Limaye

New Member
Developed a pretty simple fix for anyone with a V4 IC that has stripped out threads that hold the scoop to the IC. Fix involves slightly enlarging the screw holes, bonding nut plates inside the IC, and using 4mm bolts with a washer/lock washer combo.

Also found a good source for the Bolts, Washers, Lock Washers and Nut plates. If there is enough interest I will put a kit together with picture based instructions and sell if for about $ 15 -17 (includes shipping).

What do you all think?

Nish Limaye
Sounds slick!

My experience with stripped threads on an intercooler are limited to the stock unit. When I stripped one of the holes for the screws that hold the scoop on, I drilled it out to 1/4" and used on of those plastic push pins - kind of like a reusable rivet. I liked it so much that I've done them all that way now. It makes R&R on the scoop a breeze!

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