flashing from 2 3 shift


Oct 19, 2008
my trans has a little flash between 2nd 3rd and it sets off my knock retard my car actually nose's over when it does it,any ideals to solve this my trans is almost new.
sounds like a flare to me... you can check the fluid level and make sure its a quart over if its a stock pan/filter setup, otherwise there needs to be some tweaks in the valvebody to possibly cure it. Don't do it too much as it doesn't take a lot to hurt the clutches. IMO the best cure for this is dual feeding the direct clutches but this requires tranny removal and a billet forward drum at a minimum.
thanks for the info guy's,the car has been sitting for a while,i might need to check the trans fluid....can't believe i did'nt think of it.must be getting old...lol