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Hi to every one looking. so got tired of seeing those square devices thrown here and jammed there where you really couldn't see them with ease so after about 2 years of trying this and trying that this is what I came up with this( please look at 1st pic ) oh sorry that was my this and that tries .here's what I ended up with that are painted with the paint from bweavy med dark gray and clear coated. Now look at the rest of there pics thanks for looking . the price is $ 80.bucks plus shipping need your zip to get actual shipping and also spoke to shane and I will be paying fees thanks.for looking . paypal is eddiedawg123@aol.com .


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Don't know if it will fit the steadfast cause I don't have one but maybe with a little creativity it might but not sure. and it holds on with double sided tape to the column and to the scanmaster or turbo timer or ALKY control. thanks for asking .
That is a cool thing. I too have the steadfast collar. Any thoughts on a 2 5/8 " gauge pod? I guess I could look into a smaller boost gauge.
Will the column tilt all the way up with it installed?
Great idea and product.
yes it tilts all the way back ad forth .bob also asked about the fitment with steadfast but I don't have one to see if I could make it work but would probably would have to make a new model and would need a steadfast .heres more pics and thanks for the complements it took a lot of hand sanding and fiberglass cloth and resin to get it where its at .this is the master it has the white letters but the ones that will be sold will just have the raised letters not white but the color of the pod grey or what ever colo9r is painted will also be putting some of that marooned of that burgundy color out too a.these things are solid not hollow a.was thinking on making them with a bigger gauge pod in the future a.wanna see how these go a.thanks for the questions and compliments.


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Not sure if it will but when I had a 87 gta the column looked the same up top but the bottom where it bolts to the floor was Different.