Flexible engine oil dipstick?


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May 19, 2014
Has anyone found a replacement flexible oil dipstick that will work for the 3.8? I see all sorts of sbc available but nothing specifically for the 3.8. I have a drivers side Postons style replacement and the dipstick tube has to be tweaked quite a bit to work. Those flex ones look pretty cool too.

Let me know if anyone has found one that works.
U will need to get the paint off the lower tip, so it could slide completely into dip stick hole.


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If you install one of those dipsticks make sure to either not use it at all, or 'calibrate' it based on the clocking.

The one Locar I played with on a SBC would let the oil level vary about 4 quarts plus or minus.

The problem is the cable is curled up, Depending on how it's stuck in the tube, it might reach down further than it should, or it might reach up higher than the bottom of the crank.

Needless to say, that pretty much makes them garbage.