Flickering battery light


gallo vicioso
Been having this intermittent issue for awhile, but now it's getting more repeatable.

Battery light flickers gently under mild/normal acceleration. All other times (idle, cruising or WOT) it does not flicker.

I watch the ScanMaster volts when it's happening and they will go from a normal 13-14V all the way down to high 11V and back...bounces around.

I've had the charging system and battery checked out a couple times with no issues found.
What wiring should I check?
Check the battery terminal bolts. Check battery cables where routed near downpipe.......
Check the battery terminal bolts. Check battery cable where routed near downpipe.......
I did it...twice...:biggrin:

I went ahead and disconnected the battery cables from the battery and cleaned things up (some minor oxidation) with a steel bristle brush. Did the same on the power cable at the alternator.

Also checked the cable under the DP and it looked OK.

Put it all back together and maybe...maybe its fixed.:biggrin:
Light didn't flicker at all on the test drive so I'll keep an eye on it for a few days.
haven't mastered my droid yet:eek:...it double posted,cant be the operators fault;)
btw......tried the alarm removal yet?

Nope...not yet....I'll have to post a picture of what I'm up against under the dash.:redface:

Last week when my car was at Lou Czarnotas for PowerMaster replacement, he calls me up hollerin' about the rats nest under my dash:tongue:

He said that if money wasn't an object, he'd be glad to sort it out for me, but that I better do something about it:biggrin: LOL