Flyin' to Memphis.....


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Dec 8, 2003 two days to pick up my first TR (86 t-type, 90K). I'm getting anxious, i've been waiting three weeks. I sure hope everything goes well on the 8 hour drive back home. Well, wish me luck!
Well got the T-Type home safe and sound! Despite driving 8 hours thru high winds, rain, some snow and with a monster hang- over..ouch, she ran perfect avg 28 mpg @ 75-80 mph. I tell ya what guys I couldnt be happier if it was brand hammer new! It needs paint really bad( the clear coat is coming off every where) and is sluggish in 1st gear, but the body is straight and interior is clean and for $2500 I couldnt pass it up, ya know what I'm sayin'? Well I'm on the Darkside now so there's no turnin' back now. Again thx guys for the kind welcome and support. Hope to see ya'll at the Nationals....jayG :D
Man! I live in a suburb of Memphis and didn't hear of that car for sale. How'd you find that?

Best of luck with it. :cool:
Hey thx Greg! Well to answer your question I found out a/b the car thru A friend of mine in my SVO club who knew a/b the car so I dont know if or how it was advertised locally. I picked the car up in the Germantown area. It was also originally bought in Memphis as a Program Car so It had 9k miles on it when the original owner bought it.