For sale1986 GN With GNX parts.

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Jan 21, 2007
This car is owned by Randall Heilman Located in Enders Nebraska. He is a member of this community and has asked me to help him sell the car. I am a little better at this thread stuff then he is so I volunteered to help and I also worked with him on verifying the GNX component that go with the vehicle. All parts go with the car and will NOT be sold separately so please do not ask.

He is the second owner of the vehicle and it had approximately 51000 mile when he bought, it has approximately 65000 miles on it. The car has always been stored in a garage and never seen snow or rain. And has no rust. Let talk about the GNX components that are installed on the vehicle. It has an original GNX dash that was either bought at the dealer or one of the sets I sold back in the day no aftermarket here. It also has a real GNX turbo cover. Not on the car is a real GNX differential cover the GNX suspension components have be altered form original like the cross member that has an adjustable front link for the modified ladder bar. The pan hard rod and ladder bar all have ball joints not stock and both the pan hard rod and stiff hard rod are made of aluminum and are not stock. The rear end also goes with the car is a posy unit with the brackets already installed for the suspension. The GNX style suspension was never installed on this car but came from another vehicle built in the late eighties. There is an aftermarket SS exhaust system for the GNX suspension. He also has the transmission cooler mounting brackets and the GNX transmission cooler in the box show in the picture attached. There is also a set of GNX relay relocation brackets. The wheel flares are not original but made out of RIM plastic and are not fiberglass the one extra fiberglass part shown is extra. Some very desirable GN part include a NOS 9 hole hood liner and a NOS 87 Grill and shifter handle.

The car has been sitting many years also come with a new fuel pump and tank, valve springs, and several chips, New Tires and New front GTA wheels. There is also a new master cylinder assembly to replace the power master system if desired. The bad, the car has a valve cove leak and the front seal on the transmission also leaks and the cars paint was keyed by some jealous person and need to be repaired.

The car and all the parts are selling for $25000. He is sure there is more parts lying around that will go with it.
Randell is coldair on the forum.


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