FS: Black 2006 Charger R/T 18k miles *$15,500*

Hey everyone... I've been lurking the forums for about a year and a half (on another name obviously), so pardon me for listing a sale with my first post.

When I turned 21 I decided to buy my first car, and I was torn between the Charger and an '87 GN (an old co-worker had one and it was love at first sight). I opted to go with the Charger because I wanted something that could run right away.

Two years later, I don't drive the car as much I would like (I live in NYC... $2 metrocard gets you anywhere) and making huge monthly payments are now pointless. I owe much more than I am selling for, but I want to get rid of this so I can buy a GN and get to work.

I know Dodge might not get much love here, but it's worth a shot. ;)

Car is completely stock... not a single mod... well I have tints but I'm gonna take em off this week.