FS: Exhaust Housings!!!


Jul 22, 2010
Too many too list....
Let me know what you're looking for and i'll see if I have it. These are taking up too much shelf space.

Mostly ALL Turbonetics.
Newer F1-68's/F1-65's
Older P-Trims/Q-Trims, Stage 5
V-bands, 3-bolts
Some new, some old, some ported
I need an exhaust housing for a TE44. I have one that is overported in the wastegate hole.

Got one?
I think that's the one - how many turbine blades are there? How much? I can paypal you if it's the right one. I bought the new turbo a few years ago but never ran it yet- it's going on my stage 2 rebuild.
i would be interested in the new one if its the correct one. The sn# is T11765-a. BB 70 turbo .