Fuel pump amperage draw?


Oct 16, 2002
I searched and all I found was this:


I keep popping fuses on the hotwire for my fuel pump, but I'm thinking I'm not using a big enough fuse. Anyone know what I need to be using? 12ga wire I believe it is with a single 340. Checked for shorts in the line but not seeing any.

Oh yea, anyone know who in Austin really knows how to tune Buicks? This thing should be putting down 500rw.

I never low amped a pump in a Gn.But in a gm truck running 60psi I seen just under 10 amps and i think that is high.I see more towards 7 to 8 amps on most cars.Find someone with a low amp probe.I use the snap-on vantage with their low amp probe. This test can determine if pump is going to take a crap or if a filter is clogged.I had a 97 lesabre that was pulling 13 amps.The fuel filter was original so I replaced it.After replacing the filter it was pulling 7 amps.Three days later it was towed back in for pump.This car had 70,000 miles.hope this helps
Interesting..thanks for the info..although on the Racetronix site it shows the hotwire kit uses a 20a fuse and a 40a relay..guess I need to throw another 20a in there and see if it holds?