Fuel tank PSI????


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Jan 15, 2008
Hey guys, I replaced my fuel pump and everything is running fine. I got out of the car after running it for about an hour and when I got out of the car I could hear pressure releasing out of the vent cap. I removed the cap and pressure came out. I know that there would a certain amount of tank pressure, but how much is too much. What would cause too much pressure. The car is running great with no problems since I replaced the fuel pump. Thanks guys, Mike
Yes, that canister has a line coming off of it that feeds to a hard steel line....that is what goes back to the fuel tank.
Mine is unhooked and the line is capped iff. I am going to put it back correct!
Hey, I put the canister back into the car and hooked it up correctly. Went driving and got back to the house and checked the psi at the cap and none came out when I released the cap. My dumbass unhooked the line and capped it awhile back for some reason. Everything is fine now. Thanks guys