Full Sized Spare


Jan 1, 2022
Has anyone put a full sized spare in their Grand National trunk? I have a tire that the dealer gave me because it was scuffed. The trouble is finding a stock sized wheel to fit it. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. It just needs to fit.
Not sure a full size spare (215/65-15) will allow the deck lid to close and latch. I think I ended up using a 205/55-15 as it was shorter. Not really "full size" but not a donut spare either.
235-60-15 on one of the stock size 15x7 aluminum wheels (Highwaystars), it's a tight fit and the stock
hold down won't work and if you get it in there just right the lid will close.
Wow. Didn't expect any fit probs in the trunk. Never even thought about sticking it back in the wheel well. I was just thinking about fitting on the car itself as most sources say, "will not fit this application." Thanks.