Getting my Grand National this month! - Saint Louis area


Asian man #1
Dec 7, 2002
I'm getting my Grand National this month, I can't wait. My first mods, to put on top of the already extensive list of mods is going to be...

SMC kit
Paint job

Are there any clubs in the area, or any shops around that deal with Grand Nationals? I would love to install all this stuff myself, but I am not 100% sure of myself, and the best bet would be for me to have it installed professionally. Also - Does anyone recommend some good paint places in the area?
If i was you i would get a fuel pump if it doesn't have a good one from the get go. Good luck!!!!!
Found it in Florida. Here is the list of mods...

37K original Miles
No rust
HRE 3- piece modular wheels 16X8.5
Nitto drag radials rear, Nitto NT 455 fronts 245/50/16 F & R, All tires new.
T- tops

Duttweiler ported big-valve iron heads
GM Head Gaskets
.030 over TRW Forged pistons
Erson LC-11 Turbo Cam degreed to spec.
Polished rods with ARP bolts, Cryo Treated
Crank Cryo Treated, index ground.
Billet center main caps
Rotating Assembly Balanced
Block Line- bored
Melling HD oil pump
Block decked
One-Piece main and front cover seals - No oil leaks!
Front cover oil passages ported
"009" 42.5 lb injectors with Thrasher 92 octane chip
Walbro GSS340 Pump with Racetronix upgraded wire harness

Be- Cool Aluminum Radiator
Dual Flex-a lite cooling Fans

200R4 built/upgraded by JW Performance
Art Carr 9" torque converter

Turbonetics "Cheetah" with SuperH compressor upgrade
Turbonetics Deltagate integrated with the turbine housing
Cockpit monted Dial-a Boost control
Large Duttweiler Front-mount intercooler

Turbonetics 2.5" Downpipe with Flex coupling in wastegate dump
Test Pipe installed
Hooker Turbo Headers
GN- Specific Flowmaster Muffler
nice list of parts. should be a pretty fast car. there are a few shops that specialize in gns.pretty expensive though. theres one in south county and one in high ridge that i know of. and theres a club that meets in soco every other month.
Mike @ G&M Automotive in S. County 314/892-7441

Bill @ Buick T-Type GN Performance in High Ridge 636/677-1966

Next club meeting will be at G&M in January. Contact Jeff Franz at 314/838-1737 or for more information.