Glass Beading?



recently on ebay someone was selling a TB plenum and intake that were glass beaded.....needless to say they looked pretty damn good. Feedback on the process, where i can get something like this done and approx cost? why glass bead? any other reason other than looks? how long will it last? thxs for any and all feedback.
most machine shops can bead blast small items. The reason it is better than sand is because it is not as abrasive as the sand, wont tear up the metal. The finish should last, as long as you keep it clean.
The thing that scares me about bead or sandblasting parts like that is that I can never trust that all the sand or beads are out. Id hate to bolt on a sandblasted intake only for a few grains to be left and end up getting sucked into the oiling system... Ouch
hmmmm makes sense to me. whats the best way to dress up these parts then and be safe about it? Chrome? polishing?
I have seen a few Glass beaded, and Powder coated parts for Turbo Regals.

MAF Pipes, Inlet Pipes, Plenums, Intakes, and just about any bracket that can come off the car look great when they get bead blasted and then covered in clear Powder Coat!

I plan to pull off my Intake in a few weeks, and I am going to bead blast it as well as most of my brackets that are in the engine compartment!

Another great thing about powder coating is that it is easy to keep clean...Just wipe it off with a rag!

As for getting glass beads out.....can't you just use an air compressor to blow the peice clean?
sounds like a hell of an idea to me. Thxs for the ideas!
i would use a blow gun and blow all the sand or glass beads off first and then use soap and water. thats what i was told to do when i went to automotive school.
Don't think there's any problem in glass beading intake or plenum as long as they're washed in soapy water then rinsed with plain water before using...after they air dried I sprayed a light coat of clear Hi-temp enamel on the intake/plenum...darkens the color a little to match the stock look...clear coat also makes it easy to wipe any oil/dirt off...