GM part number for spider gear pin?



Guys, im getting ready to take apart my diff to do new bearings in the ends, i have alot of play and clunking.

I read the way of doing it,looks easy enough but i figure ill go ahead and order the spider gear pin in advance, they said it gets chewed and needs replacing most of the time.

if anyone knows the pn, or can give me another source i would aprecieate it.

I have the posi BTW.

I just did mine two months ago. Some will tell you GM discontinued all rear end parts and they did, but the parts are still available if you GM parts guy is good like mine was. I threw away the box the pin came in, but GM still lists the P/N. While your in there you might as well replace the clutches. $80-90 is cheap insurance especially if you race the car. Also order 2 thrust washers (one for each small idler gear) and a new bolt for the spider gear shaft. Bearings are easy as well, just rent a jaw/slide hammer combo from parts store. Good luck
Carrier Pin...#26056109
Carrier Pin Bolt....#14056196

...might as well get the bolt's cheap and you may break the old one getting it's a real cheesy(small) bolt...
My 44W books reflects the following:

SHAFT, Pinion = 14006401
SCREW, Pinion Shaft Lock = 14056196

CLUTCH KIT, W/Disc = 231127
BOLT, Ring Gear to Case = 1241564 (10 Required)

It's good practice to replace the ring gear bolts (grade 8, if I'm not mistaken)...

Thanks guys, the reason im doing this is because when i go over even the smallest bump with my right rear tire i get a loud "BOOM" . I jacked up the car and used a breakerbar to simulate the "bump" and it did it. I was looking underneath the car and the drum was moving up and down quite a bit.. eeh.

I really need new bearings in the tube I do belive. Autozone doesnt list **** for parts for my car. Where can i get the bearings and everything i need?

Id love to do clutches etc.. but truth be told i dont have 90 bucks to do it with. damn college. I can afford it later, but do you guys really think its safe for me to drive around with a bad bearing? What can it damage? I figured it could tear up the axles.

Anyway thanks alot for the help, and if you can answer my other questions I would really apreciate it!

Later skaters - Evan