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Well, doing a lil racing at the track today.

for those that remember, i was considering a G.N. for my project car with selling my Cobra.

I sold the cobra, but instead of keeping the company van and getting another project or car payment, i decided to trade the company van in on a new lightning!

Do these things respond to a chip.

after 3 weeks, with a chip filter n pulley, ($700) I ran a 12.91, today, 4 weeks old with 3000 miles, i took out a buick during bracket racing. we was running 12.9's and my lil ole street tired 5000 lb $700 in mods truck surprised him as many others with a nice slew of 12.76 runs!

just thought i'd share! :D
cool .. i like the lightning trucks but remember most of the i/c buicks out there run much better than 12:90's..;)

sounds believable atleast much better than most idiots that come on here saying they killed a buick.

i've out run a few i/c buicks myself with my 85 non i/c car but i know what they're capable of thats why mines in the garage with an i/c motor in it... :)

not to be a smart azz but my non i/c car was running 13:0's@104-105 mph and 3700 # with driver.

put that truck on the scales and you'll see its really not that heavy

My 2000 Lightning comes in at 4875lbs. with me in it, spare, tow hitch & hard tonneu cover. I checked it at Bandemere 2 weeks ago. Ran a best of 14.39@96 5800'
Lightning guys should talk to Glenn Anderson of Anderson Motorsports. ""

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Originally posted by REDS HOT AIR
cool .. i like the lightning trucks but remember most of the i/c buicks out there run much better than 12:90's..;)

Heheh you'd really like to believe that huh? ;)

I'd say 70% of the ones at my local track don't break into the 13s.
TTA89..really that slow?

Most of the buicks down here are in the 12's or more like the 11's and 10's(south florida), most of the cars up there must be mostly stock cars im assumming? Or close to stock, (K&N and maybe open exhaust with a chip). Just curious. No flames intended.

thats the way it seems like around here.... at the track that is:)
The Lightning is one bad@ass truck! I would love to own one myself. Were you running on the radials that came with the truck or did you have some stickies? I downloaded a few of your runs off the LS1 board (the one with you spanking a new Cobra is a classic!), you should post the links here - truck is nice and quiet!
I have three buddies that own lightnings.
All three of the ran this weekend.
1. 2001 all stock ran 13.8
2. 2001 Cold air, aftermarket throttle body, flipchip and ran 13.10
3. 2000 Cold air, aftermarket throttle body, flipchip, pulley, aftermarket exhaust and 26" E.T. streets on 16" rims ran 12.50

I have also found that these trucks are all different.
Stock some of them spool up alot faster than others and some of them will run like crap when modded the same.
You just have to find a good combo i guess.
What did the GN run? I expect if he had $700 in mods then he should be close to your times. Lightnings are cool trucks, but considering their 30 g price tag, plus the extra $700, I woulda bought a GN and put maybe 3 g in her to run some 10s..:cool:
I hear ya John! I have a setup almost identical to you. pte 54, 55s, AC n/l 3500, v4, smc...

Turbo, injectors, ecm, converter, intercooler was close to $3000 and that doesn't include all the other stuff.

Hopefully I will hit the 10s without blowing it up!
That's all fine, but...

...what if the "1987" Grand National had been modernized to 2002 standards? That would be a LOW 12 car from the factory...stock! And just like in 1987 become the fastest production car for a second time!

FYI: In 1986 the GN ripped off a 13.9 ET stock or 4.9 sec 0-60mph.

Not bad, eh?