GN is acting up.

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Feb 14, 2003
Here is what it does. I'll be driving along just fine and then it will hesitate and has no power at. Like its going to die. Scanmaster O2 milivolts go to 000
I scan to the BLM and they are pegged at 160 everything else seems fine.

Could this be my coil pack? It tested high. 14.62 - 14.62 - 14.70

I also thought maybe it was the O2 sensor so I put a new one in and it does the same thing.

Please help.

Sounds more like..

the module, it has the tendency to become intermitant before giving up the ghost!:eek:
Can you monitor FP during the condition? O2's going to 000 along with the high BLM, sounds like starving for fuel.
Could be your spark plug(s). Same thing happened to me. New plugs fixed it.
check your mass air flow sensor sounds like a lean condition to me. let us know thanks

I agree with you, if fp is ok I would look close at af and tps on the scanner.

A datalog would help out alot. Any logging software?
Most major parts stores (AutoZone, NAPA, Murrays) have ignition module testers. However the test may not work on an intermittent failure. When you remove it, look for signs of bubbling or melting of the component insulation material (a good sign of a faulty mod). Naturally it would be best to swap in a known-good module to be sure.

Good luck - Jimmy
check your mass air flow sensor sounds like a lean condition to me. let us know thanks

I thought about that but I have an LT1 with translator....think it could still be that?

My plugs are old...I will change them and see what happens.
I inspected the ignition module and this is what I found.

A crack in the gel...will this make it run like crap?
I guess the positive is It gets easier to diagnos when the problem is constant.
The fuel presure is still good?
Check for spark at a plug.
What is the readings on the scanmaster with key on?
If ignition system checks out I'd look at the injectors,injector signal from ECM or the ECM.
What chip are you running?
Diid those injectors require ECM modification?

Ijust went back and reread some of the post.Has it run since you took the module out?You don"t happen to have an anti-theft feature in the chip?

swap out the computer

:) same thing has happened to a friend, he changed the computer and problem was solve'd, is there a fellow buick guy near by? swap out the computer it sounds like the exact same thing. hope this helps
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Ok, so this didn't happen to a TR but it was a '92 Olds with the 3800 in it. It was having pretty close to the same problem. It even indicated code 42, but it turned out to be a loose, chewed up crank sensor. It would sometimes run just fine for a while, sometimes real choppy, stalled a couple of times, and sometimes didn't start at all.

I check all the things you guys suggested except MAF sensor.

I unplugged the sensor and started it up. Ran longer but SES light came on.

Then I went to by pass the Translator Box and put my old stock maf on and when I pulled the air filter the MAF screen was completely mangled. It looks like the turbo tried to suck it in. Heres a pic.

I ran the car out on the street without the screen and it run even better.
It jumps up to 255 very quickly.