GN1 Performance New Headers

If you will re-read this thread, you will see the discussion went on for a while until the vendor in question started posting under different names promoting himself:rolleyes:

How do you explain this? If we were controlling info or whatever like you claim, why didn't we delete this whole thread:confused:

Other non paying vendors are spoken of ALL THE TIME on this board. Nothing gets removed until somebody starts blatantly breaking rules! Current staff has done more in a year with this board then in all the previous years combined. Staff, as mentioned above, has no other intentions than making this the best board possible. Doesn't make it any easier when you get kicked for it:frown:

It is easy to sit back and criticize when you don't know all the facts and have to deal with stuff on a day to day basis!

Hope you enjoy the board!

I wasnt meaning to criticize. And I do fully agree with that statement. I know how hard successfully managing many people is. It's almost impossible to keep everyone happy.