GN1 R or TA aluminum ported head flow numbers


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I am curious to see what guys have gotten out of these heads fully ported. Please post your numbers or flow sheets. Also please keep this thread on track, this is not a Champion vs TA head competition, or turn around time etc. Just raw data.


100 66.3 100 50.8
200 113.4 200 113.4
300 189.7 300 156.8
400 238.5 400 182.3
500 260.7 500 194.0
600 261.7 600 199.3
I would like to "THANK THE CHAMPION RACING HEADS GROUP" the beautiful work and awesome turn around time to get these heads. Tom has been in the hospital with heavy surgery and i WISH HIM A SPEEDY RECOVERY. Thanks Tom to you and your crew best wishes from Ron and family.
The cost would depend on what springs, retainers,valves, porting etc you want. Call Champion at ( 1-386-446-4488) if you would like to get a price, i was very pleased with the price i paid.