GN1-R's, Ported & Unported stock heads.

Bison, I agree 100%. My point was more aimed at the amount of money being spent to get to the nines with ported irons vs. the current GN1 selections. I had a car running 10.27 that had a pair of heads on it that I paid $600 dollars for with an unknown set of gold roller rockers. The 2nd owner did not know who ported them. I was the 3rd owner. When a pushrod and valve was bent on #4 cyl., I had the valves replaced, I ordered a set of 1.77 valves and they did not fit. The cylinder head shop said that they were bigger. They were a set of heads that ANS Performance had worked and sold that had the 1.8+ valve size ( I don't remeber the exact size at the moment but the paper work is at home). Those heads are ( from 1992-93 the year that they were originally ported by a local NASCAR teamshop for $875) a little tired and have close to 100,000 miles and needs to be refreshed. Valve spring and cam technology is much better now also. You beat me to the punch on the last set of Champion heads that were for sale on the board. I am still looking for the ANS receipt from early 2000.
These pictures don't work anymore. The links are bad. Turbo1dr, can you fix it?
These are my ported GN1 #'s with out moving valve location.

100 lift intake 64 exaust 52

200 lift intake 143 exaust 115

300 lift intake 206 exaust 149

400 lift intake 237 exaust 181

500 lift intake 244 exaust 197
Here are some pics comparing Champion ported irons vs GN1Rs


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When you can see those ports close up and compared, it's really amazing the stock heads support 11s.