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Dec 5, 2004
I have been checking this site out after seeing their 3" downpipe with external wastegate on ebay. After browsing their website, I learned they also sell 3" dual stainless exhaust. They look to be almost identical to ATR's products. Have any of you purchased anything from this company?? I am going to call about their prices tomorrow becuase they are not listed online. Any info would be great! Thanks guys! -------Jeremy


eBay Motors: BUICK GRAND NATIONAL DOWNPIPE & WASTEGATE COMBO HEADERS (item 120154027744 end time Aug-29-07 09:15:57 PDT)
Nice find! That looks just like my old ATR 3", except for it's shiny:biggrin: Let me know on the price!
I have been over to GN 1 Performance and have looked at his test GN with the 3" exhaust. It is SS and looks to be a very nice setup. I think Archie is getting $650 with the SS mufflers. He also has the Kenny Bell SS headers and a bunch of other items not listed on the web site.