GNX 100% Tribute Replica FOR SALE $29500

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last I heard the car was still for sale. but that was like a month ago tho. cant confirm that now
I was close to pulling the trigger on this one but, by the time I add tax, tag and title into the equation, I'm about $4500 short. A small loan would not be an issue if it weren't for the original plan to eliminate two loans of $350 a month, buy a low mileage GN and have some cash left over for a couple of things I had planned. So, so close and just out of reach. Someobody is going to get an awesome car here. I'm surprised I had time to even contemplate buying it.
I am interested, if the GNX replica is still available. I live in MA. Look forward to confirmation, whether or not the car is still for SALE. If sold, god bless the lucky one. A beautiful, well done car.

Car is In my garage..... I HAD cold feet on the sale...... A few people were very interested and because one of them I didn't get back to in 24hrs they chose not to buy car...and then recanted after a day or so and insisted I sell the car to them again...........I chose then not to sell car ...... This car can't be duplicated and there is nothing like this car...even a real GNX is inferior...... it is for sale but I am not selling lower then my asking price and I am not shipping it for free.... the first person who gets me a deposit gets the car...I WILL honor the sale 100%.....

Mark 954-850-5429
Mark, I am not in a position to purchase the car, need to sell my survivor, 8,400 mile, 1979 10th Anniversary TA, W72, WS6. I do want to commend you on an excellent automotive effort to reproduce a tribute GNX. Job well done Mark.

Well I am not sure.. I think some people just don't have the money and some think buying a GN is a better investment.. lol I sold a 23k mile GN to buy this car
This GNX makes a 2500 mile GN look like extremely mundane

lol....I am not a fool..I will not give the car away...only one like it...many GN's TO be bought.....not a GNX like mine....
she is in the utmost perfect condition as the day I got her....78 miles later
Well a lot of GN's selling around for around $20k with low miles... this GNX is 10x a GN... the paint alone is beyond anything GM could of done even today

I own a CL65 with 96k miles... This car is my dream car and I drive it often.. the GNX is not driven and will soon go to a good home for someone to appreciate
I was one that almost pulled the trigger, too. Thought it would be fun to have a "driver" GNX to go with a real one.

But, opted to fix up that 1,800 mile barn find GN instead of this car.

Still go back and look at the pics of this one, though. Sweeeet!:cool:

The only, and I mean only thing that could be improved on this one...a slightly modded motor...just a few more ponies...
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