GNX 100% Tribute Replica FOR SALE $29500

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Car is for sale and will sell by Wed

Moving into a new house. Car must and will go. Can only garage 2

I am taking it to a few Franchise car dealers who had a huge interest in it via phone calls...

NOT ONE PERSON ANYWHERE 100% can tell this car is not a real GNX. That theory has been tested over 10x in favor of the Tribute

So if anybody wants the car. Call me. 954-850-5429. And buy it.

Hey Mark! let me buy this very nice tribute from you . I have a full stroked 3.8 GN with a 76 dual BB turbo and a full billet 200r4 combo waiting for it

I'd like to daily drive this car and race it as much as i can. May be show once in a while.

See your PM and i can wire the $$$$ to you this Monday.
DJ.. true all things considered being that you can't buy a decent GN for less then $20k now... yeah this tribute shouldn't be priced less then $35k ..

IT IS LIKE BUYING A BRAND NEW GNX FROM 1987 .. just with a ton of quality in it like nothing in 1987..

Swoosh....out of all the offers i have gotten... yours would be the first as for speed and quality for sure...
But I will say this GNX is better then new... putting the stroker in it would kill the car unless you put everything aside and transplant later.. the engine compartment looks like a brand new GNX-- IMHO ... i thought about that too..modifying it but it is way too authentic and perfect to touch.....

But getting out of the Buick world... for a while... no time to play anymore

$30k buys the car... offers coming in daily... pics were posted in another thread..the pics speak for the car.... it puts a genuine 1000 mile GNX to shame
but its still a clone!

no denying its nice, it will NEVER BE A GNX!!!!!
and it will NEVER appreciate like a GNX,
or be worth what a REAL GNX is worth!
sorry to piss on your parade, but get off your high horse,
people pay you complements, and you continue to insult them.

(maybe the MBZ attitude?)

$30k for a clone? thats top dollar!
I would not expect it to EVER increase in value!
mean while my less than perfect GNX is fun to drive and will continue to increase in value!
and its a REAL GNX , NOT A CLONE!
You keep saying that like he is trying to CLAIM it is a real he? No. Is he asking GNX price? No. So what is the problem? Have you seen how much authentic GNX parts are? Is this top dollar? Yes. Has he claimed otherwise? NO.

So again, what is the issue? Who are you telling this to like everyone else is hiding it?

MODS: can we get this car down to one thread?
Typically tributes/clones sell for 30% to 50% of the cars they try to emulate (depending on rarity). So to say the cars price wont/cant rise would have to assume prices of the genuine item wont appreciate. I'm sure there will be a limit to appreciation as cost to build the tribute must be taken into account. I would not venture to say if a GNX sold for 120k at auction that this particular car would sell for 60k but, i'm pretty sure the price wouldn't stagnate around 30k.

If it were my money I'd find a higher mileage GNX, drive and enjoy it with the option of updating paint and engine rebuild some time in the future. This way, what you have will always be a GNX.

No way should be this be taken as a negative Mark, In no way am I trying to taint your for sale ad and I believe your price is reasonable when taking into account how much a low mileage truly spotless GNX commands. Kudos to Kash for building an incredible tribute. GLWS!!
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