God Speed Gary Wells. US Navy Vet, So Western Moderator, Pistol Marksman, My best friend. RIP.


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Apr 4, 2002
Yesterday afternoon we lost Gary Wells. He had been struggling with health issues for quite a few years. Last weekend I spent half the day with him. Much of that was at the shooting range, where he shot the best he'd shot in years. We had a great day. We could not wait to go again this weekend. Looking back, it puts a smile on my face that in his last week, he went out like a rock star, doing what he loved to do and doing it better that anyone else, including your's truly. Gary has reloaded my ammo for many years. I have worked on his turbo Buick for many years. No money has ever changed hands. Just lots of lunches (hundreds) and plenty of good times. Most weekends, for close to a decade, we have shared lane #8 at our range. Tomorrow, I'll go there to tell all our close friends of Gary's passing. Not sure if I'm going to be up to shooting. Just in case I do, I'll bring the Springfield Trophy Match that I got from Gary a few years back.

God Speed my friend.
Thanks for all the great memories.

Mike Barnard
So Western Moderator. (still trying to fill Gary's shoes).
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Gary's ability to put five 45 cal rounds in a hole the size of a quarter at 21 feet, was nothing compared to his endless hand gun knowledge.

Yesterday, we lost a whole lot of knowledge...
Mike, my condolences and sorry for your loss and for all of the Buick community's loss. I never got a chance to meet him but i know he's been around forever and seemed like one of the good guys. Rest in Peace Gary!

I'm sorry to hear of your loss , If he was a friend of yours he must have been a pretty good guy .

I went to the range this morning and told everyone about Gary. We told stories and had some laughs. That felt good.

I ran a target out twenty one feet, squeezed the trigger on Gary's old Springfield. With one hole in the center of the target, I called it a day.