God Speed Gary Wells. US Navy Vet, So Western Moderator, Pistol Marksman, My best friend. RIP.


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Apr 4, 2002
Yesterday afternoon we lost Gary Wells. He had been struggling with health issues for quite a few years. Last weekend I spent half the day with him. Much of that was at the shooting range, where he shot the best he'd shot in years. We had a great day. We could not wait to go again this weekend. Looking back, it puts a smile on my face that in his last week, he went out like a rock star, doing what he loved to do and doing it better than anyone else, including your's truly.

God Speed my friend.
Thanks for all the great memories.

Mike Barnard
So Western Moderator. (still trying to fill Gary's shoes).
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Time will help heal the pain in your heart and that last bit of time you spent with him has a happiness all it's own. Sounds like you were a very good friend and good friends are extremely hard to come by in these times.
Mike, my condolences on the loss of a good friend in Gary Wells. Please share the words with his family & friends when appropriate.
Sorry Mike. RIP Gary.

Know what you are going thru. Lost my best friend and Buick buddy David Steeves last year at this time.
So sorry to hear this news. Gary was one of the good guys. Gods Speed.
RIP Gary Wells you where one of the few guys I met when I started in this Buick game and you where always nice and drama free . Safe travels till we meet again .
Sad news, one of the first ppl I met from the TB.com family. Glad you guys had a good time at the range.
I spent 10-15 minutes speaking with Gary at Bates this year. Sure didn't know or think it would be the last time. :(

Such a nice guy. Had some good stories, too.
Rest in peace Gary.
Sending prayers to his family and friends.
I liked Gary. All of us in the Buick community liked him. May each of us cherish memories with Gary. Remember that life is a vapor. Get close to your families and significant others, NOW, as no one is promised tomorrow. My prayers are for the grieving Buick community and that the Lord will comfort each of us where we're at.
Gary on the far right from 2006...


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