God Speed Gary Wells. US Navy Vet, So Western Moderator, Pistol Marksman, My best friend. RIP.


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Apr 4, 2002
Yesterday afternoon we lost Gary Wells. He had been struggling with health issues for quite a few years. Last weekend I spent half the day with him. Much of that was at the shooting range, where he shot the best he'd shot in years. We had a great day. We could not wait to go again this weekend. Looking back, it puts a smile on my face that in his last week, he went out like a rock star, doing what he loved to do and doing it better that anyone else, including your's truly.

God Speed my friend.
Thanks for all the great memories.

Mike Barnard
So Western Moderator. (still trying to fill Gary's shoes).
Wow. Sad day for sure. Never had the pleasure of meeting him but his responses were always genuine. He certainly lived life to the fullest.
RIP Gary W.
I've known Gary for maybe 20 years, we wernt the closest of friends but I've always had alot of respect for him. Lots of good times on the forums....hes missed already. Bye buddy. :(
WOW.. Damn.. RIP Gary. I wasn't able to attend this years bates show where I would get to see gary and get to chat. he always wished my brother and I the best. You will truly be missed sir. Prayers sent to his family and friends
RIP Gary. Sorry to hear. GOD speed to you, Mike and his family
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I've never met Gary but have read his posts for years. Seemed like a decent guy. RIP.
My sincere condolences, prayers and best wishes to you, his family, and the Turbo Buick family, as a whole. As he was so well liked, and he will be very sorely missed! GOD Speed fellow veteran, gun and Turbo Buick enthusiast! RIP Mr. Wells!!

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Sorry to hear, Gary always came across as one of the good/nice guys, reminded me of Dennis Kirban speaking gently and always taking the high road. Always had the nicest birthday wishes for people, rest in peace.
Mike I never had a chance to meet Mr Wells but from reading his posts you could tell he was a stand up guy. Thank you for your service. Rest Easy Buick Brother.

I really sorry to hear this, Gary was as devoted a Buick guy as I think I've ever met and a really nice fella. I feel bad because I saw him at Bates and didn't find time to drop by to chat. I didn't honestly know his health issues had gotten as bad as they were. We won't be the same without him. :(

God Speed Gary!