Going Megasquirt

thanks atomic you really f---cked me up now .thanks lol. yea just putting my motor together guess i better get it running and break it in first with the gen2 and lc1 .before i get into megasquirt.
Hey guys,

I havent figured out the best timing and fuel for start up cranking. What kind of timing are you using while cranking and what does your fuel look like?
I am still working on this. I used to have a decent tune before the virus a year ago... My starting now works ok, but I am running 80# injectors and I am using a Ford IAC.
Dang. If we're using different IAC then we might not be able to get much info from each other. I figure the cranking steps and the fuel multiplier have to be matched. What about timing? I think I have it at 20 right now. I wonder if there is a way to see what the stock ECM uses and copy that.
I think I have mine at 10* right now as that is the timing the DIS puts out during cranking as a default before the ECM takes over. 20* is a TON of timing, you might want to retard that back to atleast 15*.

Thanks I never knew that the stock dis module commanded only 10deg during cranking. I just checked and I actually have it set to 26deg lol. The starter doesnt bog like it would on a higher compression engine with too much timing so I figure it wasnt hurting anything.
I had a feeling the engine wasnt getting enough air when cranking. I upped the cranking steps by about 40 and it starts much easier. I also set the timing down to 10, not as big of a difference but it seems to start pretty quick now.
Well I haven't been on here too much lately, a lot of crazy stuff has been going on along with trying to get my Turbo MS3x sled ready for the season. I made it to the dyno with my car about a month ago and didn't get HP numbers due to a bad RPM pickup but the car managed to put down a decent 608# TQ in 100* weather on only pump/Alky NO E85 for the pulls. I will get around posting a video of the pull later if you have not seen it. I also managed to Kill a Newer GTR as well the night before I put it on the dyno. I hope all is going well for those of you out there who have already swapped over to MS3x or those that are in the process of it, it is very rewarding when you are done with it!

Nice job thats insane!

Care to share your .MSQ?

See attached for mine, I'm driving the car to work every day about 10 miles each way and hit ~24PSI every chance I get.


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Check this out! Made a video of the new android app from EFI Analytics.


Yeah that App is wicked! I have been on vacation otherwise I would have posted that up. I have it on my Phone and Tablet it is trick! I am going to mount my tablet right above the radio.

The only apple product compatibility so far is for the Apple laptops. I don't think there is much demand out there from apple folks. Apple is the Nazi of software and since Megasquirt is open source and droid apps are fairly open as well they (As well as Linux) are usually the choice of electronic nerds.. lol

Haha sorry I am always away from home and on my phone when you ask. Ill try to take a peak and see. I will try to get mine posted next week.

I am having issues uploading the tune now... It is saying I have an un-allowed file extension... Ugh I never had an issue uploading an MSQ before.