Going Megasquirt

I got my car back on the road last week. I did a rewire on the megasquirt. Before I had kept all of the wires going through the stock ECM connector with a female 56 pin socket then to the MS3 DB37 connectors. I did away with the stock ECM connector all together and its much cleaner and more secure connections. I now have a fuel pressure transducer, ms3 is controlling the stock wastegate solenoid, and I got the bluetooth intalled and working.

Edit: Oh and BTW, the thing drives AWESOME. Better than my daily driver Buick Century. The AFR is so rock steady I can't beleive it, and this is with only about 3 hours of tuning. I finally got the registered version of TS and the VE analyze simply rocks!
Great to hear! EFIanalytics really has some great software for us to work with. I also had a similar setup with the stock connector. I built a whole new harness with ampseal connectors in the engine bay to interface with the C100 and other components like the meth pump and DIYautotune boost solenoid to keep things looking clean. I tried to tuck as much wiring as possible as well and all the relays and knock module on the passenger side fender are gone. I'll post up pictures of the setup as I make it further along.

18x would give us more accurate timing as there could be less calculating of timing between teeth. That is my next mod on my list of things to do. Also I am still working on wiring the new harness which includes the alky pump so I should know how it works once I have it out again.

I'm gunna head to the junkyard this weekend to pick up the parts for the 18x wheel. I know we won't be able to use the 3x and the 18x wheel at the same time like the fast start system uses, but I really think the higher resolution of the 18x should give more accurate timing.

The MS3 Trigger Wheel page says "The Megasquirt-3 code benefits from a reasonable number of teeth (hence 36 or 60) for best ignition timing accuracy. Low tooth count wheels such as 4-1 are not advised."

We should all share our .MSQ files.. I've got a couple of questions that might be answered if i can view someone elses tune.
I'm fine with that, though I lost almost all of mine to a virus this winter. The only one I still have is the one loaded in the ECM. I am going to just use a 36-1 or 60-1 and machine it to fit on the crank pulley like I did with my turbo snowmobile. It's easy and cheap with higher resolution.

Taking another look, the quote I posted above was under the section for missing tooth crank wheels, although I think it still holds true for non missing tooth wheels. However, under the non missing tooth crank with single cam signal is another quote, "However, with this wheel arrangement, you need to beware of trying to use too many teeth on the crank as there is a risk of the trigger inputs overlapping as the cam belt or chain stretches. If this overlap occurs, it will cause sync-loss as the cam tooth moves from being seen "before" to "after" a crank tooth or vice-versa." I only post that since a 60-1 might have too many teeth.
Chevelle, I have a double roller chain so if it were to stretch too much for a 60-1 to read I think it would be time to replace it, though I think I will be going with a 36-1 since I use one on my snowmobile which can spin as much as 10k and I have never had an issue with correct timing.

BPman, a complete MS3/x plug and play swap in a turbo buick will cost you around $600 if you do it yourself.

squirtin six thanks for reply .getting ready to put my moter together and just trying to check my options on what optionss to gô with when it comes to time i know there ones out there but there expensive.thanks again for for your in put let me how it works out when you get it out ther and really are able to tune it see what you get it right and open it up .
The car runs very well with it. I have several thousand miles on my MS3x setup last year. It has been trouble free and at the moment I have decided to change my engine setup a bit and clean up the engine bay, which is why it is down. It will be out again soon when I can find the time.

Same here, I can't believe how consistent my AFRs are. Plus overboost protection and the AFR safety system are worth their weight in gold.... I could go on and on, I love it.

Overboosting and a lean condition cost me two sets of head gaskets... I wish I would have just spent it on an ms3. Also +2 on the rock solid AFR. Ill also add that no MAF is amazing!