Got a leaning probum


1986 gn
pass front 27"
pass rear 29"
driver front 26 5/8"
drivers rear 28 5/8 "

what with this
new spring all th way around
new body bushings
all seated correctly in isolators
You have an equal ballance from front to back of 2" but from left to right it is off 3/8"..

After the install of the springs, bushings have you drove the car around to settle the suspension?

Scot W.
Recheck your torque on your body bushings first

Then double check the front spring tails to make sure they are properly seated in the pocket on the lower control arms

Then double check that you didnt miss an isolator front or rear. I also tape the isolators to the tops of the springs to make sure they dont nudge off when trying to clock them. The front spring isolators are usually the culprit becuase they are bear to install so the isolators sometimes have a tendonsey to fold over or fall off half way.

What springs are you using? I've noticed with a few different Eibach kits that the rear springs sometimes have a different spring rate. Its hard to do the fronts but try swapping the rears from side to side and see if you have any noticeable effects.

If all else fails, try to loosen your front A arms and swaybar endlinks. It's essential to torque the lower Aarms evenly. They will bind, whether they are stock or aftermarket. Always use grease on the outer mating surfaces before you install them.
I've seen this before on occasion. It doesn't happen very often but it does happen. Take the springs out and measure them. Springs can relax sometimes after they're made and change dimension. It is an odd happening but I've had to take springs back out and get different ones because of this.
park the car on level concrete floor, make sure all 4 tires have the same air pressure, and measure from the floor to the frame at the 4 jacking points.
if it measures out ok here, then the problem is with the body. keep measuring to different reference points on the body to see where it's tweaked.

if you get different measurements at the frame, then unhook the front sway bar and see if that changes anything. do the same with the rear sway bar- it's really easy to bend it if you aren't paying attention when jacking up the back of the car, and that might put some twist into things.
you could also remove the shocks and see if it levels out, too.