H.D. Radiator


Twisted obsession
GN radiator custom built by Holmes Radiator (now American Radiator) in DSM. 4 core with H.D. internal trans/oil cooler. AN fittings for oil cooler. Roughly 6 years old. (3000-3500 miles) Prefer not to ship if possible. Coolant temp. very consistant with a/c and FMIC. Still in car, will remove if sold. (Not aluminum)$150 plus shipping if needed.
Good Deal

Hi friend, sounds like a great deal.:D :) :smile:

I may be interested in the radiator. Are you coming to BG?

if so i can pick the radiator up in BG, or can you ship to 37208. i'm in Nashville, TN

let me know ASAP. do you accept Paypal?
I wanted to go to BG but at this time it is not looking good. I will need to check on shipping cost, paypal is ok. I'll let you know as soon as i can.
Somewhat decided to keep it, it does a great job and money is getting short to replace it. How interested are you??
If anyone is interested make me a realistic offer.

Honestly, I am tired of people acting all interested, working out a deal and getting shipping costs and then having them back out or not hearing from them again. Please do not respond to this post, just call me if you are serious...Thanks (515)231-9233.