Hangin' it up....

Chuck Leeper

Toxic old bastard
Staff member
May 28, 2001
I've been in the injector cleaning business since 1994.
Since then, my ASNU machine has been a really reliable unit.
However, my old bod has continued to decline to a point that I have less "giddyup/go" than necessary, to do the other things I need to get marked off the "bucket list".
So yesterday, the last set of injectors went to the post office.
I've been in the "car hobby" since I was 15, have had numerous TR's and early Chevies. The bucket list 55 Chevy is the last one to complete.
Hope to drive it while I can still eat solid food!;)
After that, the car goes to my daughter, Dr Sara Rosenbaum, also a car nut.
Some of you BG folks may have met her during our prior visits.
We're planning to once again be there....
CYA around the funny farm!
We’re all sad to see you discontinue the injector cleaning service, but understand the need to focus on priorities.
Thank you for hanging around putting the hammer down on the numbskulls an nincompoops.
Thank you again for sharing all your knowledge and expertise.
Your services were second to none and they will be missed Chuck!

It's good to hear your going to take the time and enjoy the things that matter!
Congratulations on a successful 93 year career run. :D
Out of curiosity I looked up of the SS site and the monthly payment for 93 years of contributions is $75,000 a month,
that will break the fund!

A doctor. A car nut. Will inherit a mint restored 55 Chevy.
If you're trying to marry her up to a "Real Man" that's me. ;)
PM me with the details.
I doubt she's in a mood to get married.
The last one didn't know the difference between a tonsillectomy and a vasectomy!!
In fact, he was such a putz that he was convinced that Grape Nuts was a disease!:LOL:

Well deserved, Mr. Leeper.

A "part time" gig in retirement servicing injectors for all that ask and providing overwatch to this forum is more like a full time job.

Congratulations to focusing on something for yourself - the '55 project, while still providing overwatch here.

Keep the wheels Burning!!👍
Hey Chuck, Just wanted to say.....Good for you , Man. Enjoy the rest of what's left , Sir.