Hard brake pedal-87 GN


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Jan 10, 2006
I have owned my GN since new in 1987. Replaced the accumulator about 1995. This fall I heard a ticking or clicking sound from the firewall while the car was running. I contiued to drive and heard the sound again. Then as I went to apply the brakes, the pedal was rock hard and could not stop the car. Pretty scary. I limped home and parked the car and it sat for 10 days or so. Then I decieded to put the car away for the winter and figured with the brakes the way they were, I could get the car in storage and work on it this winter. To my surprise, I started the car and the brakes worked. I drove the car a few hundred yards and kept applying the brakes and everything worked normal. I then heard the clicking noise from the firewall again stopped the car and opened the hood and the noise was coming directly from the master cylinder. The brakes continued to work and I parked the car for the winter. If something is too good to be true, then it probably is. I'm not sure what is wrong, but I'm sure it will occurr again in the spring. I would like someone to let me know what is wrong, and if it can be fixed with parts available today or on special order, or by rebuilding the current unit. Thanks for your help.
It could be the brake switch is going bad or is bad and the ticking your hearing could be from the motor that is in the unit. Id post your question it the general turbo buick tech area, youd probably get more of a response there.