Haunted '86 T/A w/ 42K, (well it is that time of year)


The Knight Rider
Feb 2, 2009
1986 firebird v8

1986 Firebird v8 - $5999 (West Springfield)
Date: 2010-10-12, 9:52PM EDT
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Bought this car from an auction in 2000, have only driven it twice cuz it creeps me out. ONLY 42K ORIGINAL MILES.
The good:
42k miles
350 v8 with over 300hp
Paint like brand new interior awesome
runs totally perfect like new

The bad:
Vin numbers dont match on front part of car including hood bumper engine and both passenger doors, showing that it has been in a severe accident.
SALVAGE TITLE (do not know history, bought from a goverment auction)
Seems to be "haunted" the car has creeped me out so much. It was purchased at an auction so i do not know history all i know is it has a salvage title. Car seems to have a mind of its own. A few times i have gone in the garage and headlights have turned on by themselves as i walked by them. seats seem to change position on their own and weird muffled voices come from speakers. Car has started on its own twice. I was so creeped out ive only driven it twice and left it in the garage with spark plugs out and cover over it and forgot about it. I have decided i am going to try and sell it but warning potentiel buyers first.
Someone probably died in the car :eek:, good looking car though I love the 3rd gen F-bodies. But 6K seems a little high for a possessed car :p
Creepy..... That just reminded me of the song... What the heck is it called. About a 66 Corvette, and an accident, and a ghost pulls him from the wreck? Anyone know?
I would too be weirded out by an '86 3rd Gen for six grand. It must be possessed. I would offer $1500.
i like how pulling the plugs calmed the ghost down.

i wouldnt be the one stupid enough to pull out the plugs on a possessed car!